A Life Changing Experience…

I’m in a journey of rediscovering life.  The recent Angeles City fire incident  that happened last March 8, 2011 was truly a life changing experience for our family. We are coping…Everyday! We are trying to be strong for my brother, trying to embrace the surrealism of it all!

Our Love & Prayers to Din, her Dad & her Mom! 
We are sad…
  • Imagine, we have to print pictures of our dear Din and her family from her FB albums, bought several photo frames, and then placed them in the chapel.
  • Today, we helped my brother buy his clothes and shoes, which we used to do all the time with Din, so he can wear it come Saturday for her last rites. My brother asked my mom instead to get the matching pair of shoes. 
  • Most challenging of it all, how to let Chase, my 5 yr. old son, and Gabe, my 4 yr. old nephew, understand this moment that their Auntie Din was called to heaven, and is now a dearest Angel!
Oh what to do? Carpe Diem! God knows best. All the time.


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