Pre Made Blog Headers for SALE

Happy Friday! 😛 How do you like my new blog header? So far, I think it’s my prettiest yet to date! Yay! That’s why I’m kinda busy for today! ;-P Best of all, I’m actually setting up another blog site, which will feature pre made blog headers/banners and party invitations. Yay! It’s actually inspired by my ongoing quest to prettify my blog as often as possible, but can’t do, because there are just so many things to consider, and since I can’t really afford a $20 customized blog template with the fact that I haven’t really monetized my blog yet. Of course, truth be told, I would want to have a change in career too. *_^ From being a SAHM (stay at home mom) to WAHM (work at home mom), why not? Again, I actually would want to thank all my friends who unceasingly joined me on my adventures.:-) Watch out for my Blogsary!;-)

Voila! Welcome to Chic & Sassy Mom Designs…I’m actually open! ;-P

Please Click on the Click to See Designs! 🙂 

Please see few of my favorites…

Pink Bundle of Joy Header

I can’t get enough of that butterfly!;-P Vintage Butterfly Header

These are actually simple yet elegant HEADER designs to help a new or even a busy blogger to get started. Please visit my shop now for my portfolio of Chic & Sassy PreMade Headers. Share the ❤! Thank You for your support! 🙂


  1. Thanks for following. You have some beautiful designs and I look forward to watching your blog continue to grow as I follow you. Thanks,Janetwww.kyklips.blogspot.com


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