Fun with Things that Go at Preschoolville

On your mark, get set, go!!! As always, Chase had a great time with their month-end culminating activity for their Transportation Theme at Preschoolville. More than ever, it’s something close to his ❤ since he has a special tendre for cars! ☺

As for me… Yay! a field day on my “shutterbugness” ! ;-P

Transport Vehicles only in the Philippines: Jeepney, Real & Toy Calesa (Horse-Driven Carriage), and a vintage toy bike…Nice! 🙂
Chase having fun with his toy battery-operated vehicle! 🙂
The Kinder Class enjoying their Calesa Ride! :-)…Preschoolville Toy Vehicles Collection Exhibit and Creative Artworks Display of the Preschoolville Kids …Nice! 🙂

Truly, learning is fun at Preschoolville! 🙂


  1. Hi Des, si May Ann to 🙂 I just saw your blog when you posted the link at Tamsin's wall…I added it to my Google Reader already so I can keep track of your blog entries 🙂


  2. @Anne: Thanks for dropping by! Surely, would do that!:-)@ Eric: Hi,would get back to you once I asked the teachers at the school. ;-P Thanks for dropping by!@ May Ann: Wow! Thanks! 🙂


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