Yay! iLife ’11 is it! ❤

Hello! Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A. for a few days!…but would love to share my new found happiness with iLife ’11.  I ❤ Mac!

I ❤ iLife 11! 🙂

So far everything looks great! I wish I could have many videos on file and wish that more exciting adventures, travel, food trips etc. are waiting for me…I can’t wait to start trying out the movie trailer option in iMovie!

But just wants to quickly share minor bumps I encountered during the upgrade. After installing the CD, I had to do Software Update, after that, everything seems to be working fine and the added features are actually there in the iMovie. But my iPhoto WON’T open! It kept prompting to do Software Update, which I did for the 2nd and 3rd times. The second time, the update says that my system is updated. The third time, did some minor updating. But my iPhoto WON’T still open!

I called an expert and they said that they encountered similar bump, since I will be connected on the internet anyway, the system will need two or more additional rounds of Software Updating! And voila!…after being online for just barely an hour, the Software Update prompted me that updates will now be available for iPhoto! Yay! So far, so good! 🙂

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