Placing Nuffnang Ads in Blogspot Walk Through

I recently added another blog (My Hallyu Diaries✌)  in Nuffnang, the steps would actually be provided on how to put the codes to your blog site, with mine being Blogger, but I still actually had to search the net on how to put the codes just where specifically inside my html codes. This attempt was with little success though,  that I instead had to find where I placed my Nuffnang codes in this site.

So here’s a walk through…

  • Copy the codes on Nuffnang
  • Go to blogger,  click the Design Tab
  • Choose Edit Html and tick the Expand Widget Option. 

To place the Leaderboard, which is best to be on top of your header, and just under the navigation bar…

Look for the Body, by clicking CTRL or Command F and type Body, then paste the codes under it, as shown! 🙂

To place the Large Rectangle in between contents…

Look for the adEnd, then place it in between the and just before the adEnd. 

The Sidebar codes can easily be added by the add a Gadget HTML/Javascript option in the blogger. 🙂

So far, these work both on my two blog sites..hope this helps! 😀 Happy Blogging! Cheers!


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