I ❤ my Mac! ✌

I’m actually starting a series of posts about my adventures with my MacBook Pro…we’ve been together for 5 months now, and going stronger and sweeter everyday! I truly am in ❤ with my Mac! 😀

They say, “once you Mac, you never go Back!”…sounds cheesy, but it’s actually kinda true! ☺

My MacBook Pro with a Hard Case in Red! My hubby’s anniversary gift to me!  

At first, I was like wishing that there was a book for the dummy on how to transition from a Windows based PC to a Mac because everything was like hello!!! Thankfully, I can just search all the hows in the net, and voila! I’m all set! ☺

Sharing with you my initial birth pains with the transition…

  • So how do you enlarge the size of the window in Mac? 
Enlarge a Window in Mac by dragging down the the bottom right part of the window with the three lines below (near the heart part). To decrease in size, move the bottom tip upwards. ☺

This will also be applicable to whatever window you will open. The best thing about Mac is you can actually work on several windows, applications at the same time. This is really multi-tasking at its finest!

  •  So how do you open a new tab or a new window in Safari?
To open a New Tab or New Window in Mac, just click File for the drop down options. 😀

Once there are 2 tabs open, you can then just see the + sign at the right most part of the tabs, then you can just click it to open as many as you like. ;-D

  • How to add Special Characters in Mac?
Add Special Characters in Mac

To add Special Characters in Mac (✌☂✬✙☎✈♨ © etc.) is so easy! ✍ Just make sure that your active Menu Tabs on top is the Apple  Preview, then just click on the Edit, Choose Special Characters, and then you can insert characters on most insert text box, such as the on your FB shout out box, Twitter, Microsoft Programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and more. Although, sadly not on the Picnik text box (can only use available stickers on the options). 

  • To Copy the screen, which is Print Screen in Windows PC, click Command+Shift+3 altogether. The screen shot will be a .jpeg or .png file to be saved or could be found on your desktop. 
  • An even better option for the Print Screen is just to select the specific area for your screen shot. Press Command+Shift+4, then a crosshair cursor will be seen, which will enable you to select the specific portion of your screen you need to save by dragging it over it. 
  • Mostly, the Command button in the keyboard replaces the CTRL function in the Windows. To copy, press Command+C, to paste, Press Command+V and more…shortcut counterparts can be seen next to the drop down options on every tab.
This are really basic stuff though, which really took me quite an effort to figure out. And I really have to go to several sites to figure everything out. 

The Microsoft Programs in Mac can also be an effort to work around initially…

  • Working on Powerpoint and Excel…your usual tools can be found by clicking the Tool Box, next to the Gallery, select the Formatting Palette, and you can found your usual font colors, size, alignment, cropping, lines etc. While for Word, click on the View Tab, and from the drop down options, the Formatting Palette will be under the Tool Box. 
  • iMovie is your basic Windows Movie Maker plus a lot more! 

The great thing with Mac is the drag and drop concept, which allows the user to truly multi-task without the processing speed being sacrificed. So you can actually open photos from iPhoto and from your folders and drop them in the storyboard under the Project Library Tab of the iMovie. You can also add your choice of music, then drop it also in the story board. Please note though, that I recommend exporting your video as a file in your desktop or documents more than publishing it right away to YouTube. Because my first attempt, which took quite some time to process, didn’t appeared on my uploaded videos on YouTube. I also read similar experiences on the web…so just to be sure not to waste your precious time, I recommend saving a copy of your video under the Share Tab, and the Export Movie option. A sample movie in HD that I recently made and uploaded to You Tube can be found on my another post. Please see sample here.

    That’s it for now for my Mac and I…Please do drop me a comment, if your have better suggestions on how to enhance my Mac experience, or if you need some basic things about getting around with Mac. …I would truly ❤ that! Cheers! 🙂 

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