Yay! I upgraded my Picnik account to Premium! ✌

I’m absolutely in love with Picnik! I love how the ease in photo editing and stuff allowed me to explore my creativity. Although, I’m still half-hearted on my creative prowess. :-(…awww. Nonetheless, picnik allows me at least to work on my shortcoming as an artist. (haha :-D…because of blogging, I proudly consider myself as an artist! ✌ )

Working Blog Logo from Picnik with Basic Features

Here’s another logo I made from Picnik, although I used only the regular features open to all members here. The feature I love best on the premium account is the Curves feature in the Create tab.

Before Picnik
After Picnik, after some mixing and matchin of options in the Curves. The after effect is more dramatic.

I’m basically a newbie in photo editing, the presets options on the Curves options allowed me to experiment, mix and match etc. The features also allowed me to improve on the photos that were quite noisy (grainy) or even out of focus, or unstable. Well, it’s still a long way to go…so looking forward to working with Picnik Premium. For now, I’m not doing any more raving and rantings just to be fair with the product, just until I have a sufficient working time with it. 

But so far, here are the basic wish list I have…

  • I wish I can work on multiple pictures at a time, especially if I will do single effect. 
  • I wish there are folder per projects, just to make organizing and finding photos in the library easier.
  • I wish I can just add watermark, copyright my name on several photos, and not do insert text and insert sticker of the copyright logo one picture at a time, such that I don’t have to upload them to Picasa, then upload them to iPhoto again (tediously, that’s how I was able to put a watermark on my recent photos).
  • I wish I can put together and mix together photos like layering or like my super trusted MS Powerpoint.
  • I wish that the Help, Support and FAQ will be included in one of the tabs in the menu options. 
So far, that’s it for now… I will talk more about Picnik Premium soon, as I solidify my working relationship with it. 

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