D.I.Y.(Do it Yourself) Party Invites

Happy Monday everyone! Just want to quickly share with you my recent Picnik creations, invitations for a Basketball Theme Party…but looks like I need to update my skills on how to super-impose faces of the celebrators to a character in the invitation.

Basketball Theme Party Invitation

I used Microsoft Clip arts and the outdoor basketball court from Vector Jungle, with some revisions like the basketball instead of the sun. But the words, fonts, layout are original creations by yours truly, thanks to Picnik. I ❀! πŸ™‚

Basketball Theme Party Invitation v. 2

I really do ❀ working with Picnik especially with adding text under the Create Tab option. One thing though, for adding other artworks, if they are not among the Stickers of Picnik, you cannot really add or merge various cliparts together, so I still start my background or base with MS Powerpoint, then save it to .jpeg for uploading to Picnik. Β  So far, I’m only on free subscription…I’m looking forward to upgrading it to Premium. Β πŸ™‚

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