Do you have what it takes to be the EXTRAORDINARY Winner?

Hello! Happily sharing with you another great way to start the year right!

Online Vide Contest of Thunderbird Resorts 2011

Dubbed as “Extraordinary”, Thunderbird Resorts launches its first Online Video Contest which is open to all residents of the Philippines who are 18 years old and order. 

Woot woot! Participants will get the chance to win P100,000, a Vacation Getaway for Four at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal and La Union, Enjoy Philippines Card and other cool prizes.

“The resort’s thrust is to create extraordinary experiences for its guests, giving them a luxurious vacation lifestyle with each stay. It holds two world-class properties here in the Philippines catering to leisure, sports, recreation and entertainment activities. One is located in the highland oasis of Binangonan, Rizal; the other Mediterranean-inspired property is in the peninsula of Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union. Through the online video contest – which is a trend already becoming popular on the worldwideweb – Thunderbird Resorts would like to share this experience and more.” – Nuffnang Official Site

Truly, there’s so much to tell on just how extraordinary I am (;-P), but I don’t think I can join a video contest just yet! 😦 Modesty aside (hahaha), I’m still actually camera shy! So, I’m counting on you my artistic and  photogenic friends (that’s all of you ❤) to make it count! 

Good luck and enjoy the shoot! 🙂 

P.S. I do hope you let me know if you join, so I can be cheering for you! And please remember  me when you win…oh, you know what I mean! 🙂 

To Victory ✌ and to Happiness…Cheers!!!

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