♥Korean Stew Budae Jjigae♥

Annyeonghaseyo! ✌ (is the formal way of saying Hello in Korean!) I just had another good lunch…it’s actually DIY (Do It Yourself) Korean Lunch –Japchae and Budae Jjigae!♨ Heaven!
After a visit to Chuk Buk, my favorite Korean Store in Angeles City. I got Kimchi, glass noodle and shitake mushroom. I’m all set! :-)…In the end, my Japchae was okay, so so!… I think I overcooked my noodles! :-(… but my Budae Jjigae was almost as close to Salt’s version! 🙂 
Hotel Vida Salt’ Budae Jjigae

Salt is the restaurant of Hotel Vida. My family loves hanging out in the hotel for swimming, gym and dining. We all have our own favorites in Salt. My son’s enjoys eating the Frankfurter Sandwich, of course mine is Budae Jjigae. 🙂 The Kimchi of Salt is also one of my favorite Kimchi vs. various the Korean restaurants and other commercially sold that I tried. Salt’s Kimchi is aged perfectly…salty, sour & hot! :-)…I do love my Korean dish hot & spicy! ✌

Budae Jjigae is actually a variety of Jjigae, which is a Korean Stew. What makes this type of jjigae more exciting to eat is because it actually has a “modern” feel because of its added ingredients, ham, sausage and what have you! 🙂 So for my DIY budae jjigae, I included our New Year’s left over ham! It’s just simply divine! 🙂

So, this is me keeping my fascination for Korean Culture alive and burning! 🙂 Fighting!!! ✌ 


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