❤ New Year, New Look! ❤

Woot woot! Happy Holidays!!! Finally, after several months I was able to do a last minute blog makeover! 🙂 

The best part, besides being free :-), it was so hassle-free! Thanks to the ever reliable Photobucket, and to my new BFF, Picnik! I tried using it before, but since I haven’t yet tried the premium edition (for a fee), it took a while to upload pictures. Now, it can actually access my pictures from my Facebook account. I feel like working with my iPhoto!  
And so to you, and you, and you..
Photo Card using Picnik
Cheers!!! ❤❤❤


  1. Happy New Year – Such A Cute Photo! I have also just started using Photobucket and picnik and they are so much fun. I love being able to write things on my photos to point out important details or add a descriptive word.


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