Product Review: The Faceshop

I couldn’t keep myself from expanding my Korean Culture fascination so I visited The FACESHOP (TFS) to get some travel beauty essentials.

Of course, I was almost tempted to splurge on the variety of product ranges they offer, and they even have some products on sale. The best part was that they boasts of natural ingredients. But given the limited time I was given to look around in the store (with my husband waiting for me outside), I focused and got only what I needed to have…and besides the Kim Hyun Joong giveaway is only to start this week, which is buy Php 2500 ($50+) and get a mug with his pretty face on it! πŸ™‚

The FACESHOP Intensive Sun Cream
For my first buy, I needed a Sun Block for the beach. I was half-hearted if I really wanted to get sun kissed (tanned) skin for our Boracay Trip. I also wanted to move away from the traditional beach sunblocks brand. Since I experienced that they became throw away because I couldn’t use them on aΒ 
daily basis.Β 
With The FACESHOP sunblock before hitting the sun
Already at 80% of my Sun bathing Time
They have three SPF levels, and all are water proof and best of all with natural ingredients. I got the maximum SPF level comes at 50ml size.Β 
What’s to ❀?
  • Cream-based, easy to apply (as in all over face & body), without the greasy feel
  • I even used it on my 5 year old son
  • I got a healthy sun-kissed skin, considering I stayed 2 days swimming and walking by the beach and 5 hours of intensive sun bathing…got a rosy cheeked look, without any burning and itchy sun burned feel after.
  • My son got a healthy sun-kissed skin as well.Β 
  • No pimple break-outs, which I usually get after staying under the sun for too long.
  • No harsh scent, and without the stingy effect on the eyes, which my son normally complained with the traditional beach sunblock.
  • Can be used daily without the greasy feel.
  • Comes in handy, tube size at very reasonable price.
What’s not to ❀?
  • hmmm…none I can think of!
Overall…I’m so happy with my purchase. This will be without a doubt be part of my travel & beauty essentials. Saranghae! ❀❀❀

The FACESHOP Cleansing Wipes

What’s to ❀?

  • Leaves a fresh and clean feel, the softest wipes ever! πŸ™‚
  • I can confidently use it on my face without worrying of getting breakouts etc.
  • It can even gently remove my liquid eyeliner and mascara (although they have a different and more pricey variant for that)

What’s not to ❀?

  • Not your everyday wipes because it’s kinda pricey vs. a big pack premium baby wipes, which can be used alternately as well.Β 
But overall..I gotta have it especially on traveling or going on vacations because it gives you the the fresh and clean feel while being on the go, whenever and wherever.Β 

I actually got a third item, Beautiful Jeong Yeon Oriental Herbs Mousse Cleansing Oil (Make up remover). I haven’t tried it yet since I didn’t wear makeup on our vacation by the beach. I will do a separate review of it. πŸ™‚

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