Tone me up FitFlop™ and the world is mine for the taking!

Gotta ❤ FitFlop™ because they’re truly amazing! They say that good shoes take you to good places!  And I say FitFlop™ makes great things happen…truly the world could be mine for the taking, at least whatever I make of it!

FitFlop™ walk the world like a star! 

Given my sedentary lifestyle, malling and traveling are the only way to keep me moving without complaining and I do so wholeheartedly. My two pairs of FitFlop™compliment my lifestyle perfectly! For me, seeing great places, already made extra sweeter having to share these scrapbook worthy moments with my loved ones, is even made extra-special with the added workout benefits I get while I walk to my heart’s delight.

I have two pairs of Walkstar FitFlop™ in Bronze/Pink and in Black/Pink. I got them early 2009 and I’m loving them still. They are every money’s worth and sure winner among my chic & sassy buys. Their functionality doesn’t compromise their look or appearance. Through times and one continent after another of walking with them, they are still as stylish and functional as ever. Truly a chic & sassy girl’s bff’s.

The World is just a walk away…

Early this year, so almost like a year of having them, I brought a pair of  FitFlop™ to my USA trip. And they never failed me! I scavenge on the pictures that would show my footwear or full body shots as well (they’re not much, because I think it’s not my best angle…haha!:-), surprisingly I was on them most of time. The trip included much walking, being in the theme parks, zoo and all. But I was as comfortable and still stylishly as fashionable as I could be. Best of all, the calorie packed trips that went with every vacation, were complemented with the much workout I needed (and so lacking in my vocabulary) by my pair of FitFlop™ to still keep me in good shape.

Enjoying Legoland with FitFlop™

The world is mine for the taking…I intend to feel good to look good! 

I’m trying to look at my various photos in FB, true enough I hardly show off my legs. I remember being teased by my colleague that I’m Sharon Cuneta (a very popular Filipina actress) reincarnated. Just simply because she has prominent genetically large calves, and I do too, hence, she doesn’t really show them off much like me on our trip to the hot spring resort (and prior events), I was still wearing jeans ( oh! by the way, I lovingly remembered just now that it’s the first affair I came in with my new pair of Walkstar then, which brought so much envy from my friends!:-). Because still a Php 2500 ($50 ++)  pair for a sandal/slippers, back then in 2009, was still quite a big leap from the usual flip flops fashion trend. Fast forward to present, after that USA Trip I was extra overweight (could have been more if not for the considerable steps I lovingly took thanks to FitFlop™), so I tried for the first time, after many failed attempts, to seriously consider losing weight. This just got to be it! I lovingly engage to a healthy way of losing weight — the slowly but surely way. And time and again FitFlop™complimented me on this lifestyle revamped I’m taking upon.

Very few and recent photos of me in dress 🙂  Family Day, Nov 27, 2010 

It’s fairly recent that I started comfortably wearing shorts, dress and skirts, and I’m happy to say that my genetically large calves are getting more and more toned beautifully! Thank goodness with the numerous and timely trips to the malls and elsewhere.  It is still a long way to to drop 2 sizes lower (just dropped 1 size lower) and reach my required weight, but with FitFlop™to match me (with Rebel in Black to be my Christmas gift from my husband and of course, surely the FF SuperTone Collection will be the best and latest additions to my collections! ^_^), I surely can be as fabulous as always, forever and ever! It’s truly the season to be jolly! Cheers!!!

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