♥Sweet November! Pls. Make Me Win!!!♥

What a stay at home mom got to do?! When the cat (my son☺) is away (at school), the mouse (good old mom☺) will play! ♥ Who wants to win a giveaway? ME!!! Thank goodness for FB, I saw this shout out from my friend about this ongoing giveaway. What is truly amazing that it’s from the Philippines. So we do giveaways here too! ♥ it!

I’ve read through some posts on this site. The lady is truly amazing. Her posts cover mostly product reviews of top beauty products and a whole lot more. Looking through the site puts me in the singing mode…♪♫♬ what a girl wants, what a girl needs…and I’m thanking you for giving it to me♪♩♫ !!!
So on with the contest…rave about it and then leave it on to chance. Wishing and Hoping! 
♥ Goodie Bag #6: For Blog/FB Exclusive 
Click on the Image to visit Phoebeann’s site!

I actually want to win this because I so need a damage control treatment for my hair, which went through a series of color, highlights and rebonding for the past months.

Goodie Bag#10: All Entries
Simply Fabulous! I love Body Shop, and what a great way to start and end the day by indulging on their ultimate beautifying regimen. 
There so much to rave on Phoebeann’s site. Please take time to read through her posts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Cheers! ♥♥♥ 

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