♥My Top Picks: Bath & Body Works♥

If they were to ask me what I love shopping the most in the States (besides my son’s goodies), I would definitely say Coach Purses & Bath & Body Works Goodies. I ❤ hoarding lotions, shampoos & body sprays! 🙂 I can’t seem to get enough of them. Of the 6 boxes (at 50 lbs./box) we took home from our last May 2010 USA Trip, 3 of them were filled with them! And the rest of my son’s and my hubby’s toys. ☺ Oh yes, we do have duty free shops here, wherein we can get imported stuff too, but a dollar or 2 savings I think was better than nothing. 1 Box was dedicated solely for my addiction to Bath & Body Works!

The good thing about it though is I got my husband to like them as well…justifies my reason to indulge on them! 🙂
I’m addicted to their Anti-bacterial Handsoaps especially the Foaming and the Moisturizing variants. 
But for my top picks (and my hubby’s too)…I love to hoard these scents and variants.
  1. Shower Gel – Orange Sapphire Scent
    • Love it’s sweet citrus scent that really lasts 
    • It’s as luxurious and moisturizing as it promises
    • The whole bathroom would smell as nice after
Orange Sapphire Shower Gel Now at Buy 3, Get 2 Free

2. Pocket Bac – Hand Sanitizer Nectarine Mint
    • Refreshingly clean & leaves hand really smelling great 
    • Love the added minty smell and feel
Nectarine Mint @ 5 for $5
3. Body Mist – Limited Edition Sweet Pea Forever
    • I got mine for the Summer 2010 collection, I don’t see it anymore in their online site. 
    • The scent is very light (not over the top, that would trigger sneezing or allergies 🙂  but with a distinctive fruity/flowery scent…the classic sweet pea with a luxurious twist! ♥
    • The scent label is also very unique and more detailed than the current classic fragrance mist collection.
Sweet Pea Forever Body Mist 
My Bath & Body Works collections are actually dwindling! I need to do some refilling soon! Early Christmas Presents anyone?! 🙂 
Great thing about Bath & Body Works is that they are not as common as the VS scents….and there’s only US version, not HK or anywhere else. The price on ebay.ph are understandably based on the SRP cost, not the promoted cost (Buy 3, get 2 etc.)…sometimes, in my desperation to hoard them, I’m event crazily thinking of going to Guam just to get them there. The experience in going to the store and actually be able to smell most of them, then choose is really amazing. And of course, I ♥ in-store and online promotions (free GWP (gift with purchase), $10 off, get $100 value items for only $20 price etc.).
Friends, allow me to indulge in this moment of feeling and smelling great! Bath & Body Works Forever! Cheers!  
P.S. To get your hubby support your B&BW shopping, let him try the Men’s line or try Orange Sapphire Shower Gel and remember to give him his own Pocket Bac Hand Sanitizer for keeping it handy on his car, or lap top bag. And keep those hand soaps within reach! 
Get yours Sweet Pear Forever at Amazon.com ♥♥♥

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