♥Lightning McQueen is my son’s BFF…and mine too! ♥

I’ll let you in a little tidbit about my site’s stats, my top post is about my son’s 2nd birthday with Disney Cars Theme. Like me, moms probably can’t get enough of the all so lovable characters. Lightning McQueen and of course his BFF Mater are simply endearing. The story as with most Disney/Pixar’s Movies touch on a lot of important values…friendship, sportsmanship, responsibility and a whole lot more.

Here goes another post dedicated to Lightning McQueen. Pictures would show that we are truly so much in ♥ with him ☺…On your mark, get set, go!!!

Everything Disney Cars and a whole lot more…☺

For his 2nd birthday, we had a Disney Cars Theme…and all the McQueen goodies started piling up. 🙂 From a bedroom set with matching tables and chairs (table not shown), toy organizer, H&M Cars Kids Items and Apparels, which I got from my Shanghai Trip, various gifts from friends and families, even clothes hanger, toddler cups to various drinking cups, matching school and lunch bags from Disney Store, etc…we just never tires of Disney Cars. The great thing about it, Chase is totally into it too. 🙂 He even helped me set this up, as he looked for all the Mc Queen’s he can find, well that are not yet overplayed. 🙂

Riding in Cars

As he turns 3 years old, 4 and so on, he always find Disney Cars to fancy about and that’s just right for his age and wants. It like it’s growing up with him. A bike, plus the whole safety gears to go with it, a handy Cars bag & outfit to theme park trip, ultimate Mc Queen Car, and his latest acquisition, gift from his grandma, a scooter, which he event brought in school! 🙂 There are definitely more of them in our household, mostly in his closets! ☺

To cap off my post, please sing along and enjoy one of Disney Cars soundtrack, Real Gone!


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