♥Super Fun FURRYfic Adventure!♥

Greetings! Sharing with you another certified fun-filled adventure I had with my son –a trip to the Stuff Animal Kingdom!

Join me in this another magical adventure with my son. Welcome to the land of our Furry Friends!

HANSA Toy Factory – Panda Bears, Farm Animals, Noah’s Ark
Under the Sea, Birds, Polar Bears

HANSA is located inside Clark Freeport Zone. The company pride itself as a world class stuff toy manufacturer and toy exporter. It was my son’s second school trip to it. Since I missed the first trip, I made sure that I join him on this trip. It’s simply amazing! The showroom, which they allowed us to visit, was truly magical. Once inside, all the kids started running around. I can’t make my son sit still to take a picture with me…so I had mine taken instead! ☺

Mom & Chase with the Dinos
Me & the Panda Bears
Mythical Stuff Animals
Chase’s Godmom (Tel) with the Orangutans
Arctic Stuff Animals — Polar Bears, Penguins
Chase with his Jurassic Friends
Fun with the Bunnies
Chase with the Sabretooth
The Mythical Unicorns
✻ Happy Holidays from Hansa! ✻


Hansa Bldg. , A.Soriano st., Clark Freeport, Clarkfield,

Pampanga, Philippines C-2010 

or visit their website at: http://www.hansatoy.com/

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