♥Eat on! We definitely could use more Friday’s♥

Another adventure we had over the weekend was our Family Day Dinner at TGI Friday’s! Chase ♥ it here! 🙂 For me, it meant moving my diet on another day–Monday (AGAIN?!) ;-P

I lovingly give it ♥♥♥♥♥! 🙂 Given that the food & ambiance are more than okay, so what’s more to rave about it?

  • Thank God we got the BFF Card! 🙂
    • The TGI Friday’s Marquee Mall branch just opened September 24…when we visited over the weekend, as expected on a Sunday, there was a long waiting line! (Reminded me of Cheesecake Factory on Macy’s SFO ‘s waiting line!) It was just 5:30pm and I overheard the person before us to expect being called an hour after. But we asked them if they really do give priority to BFF Card Holders (for more details, please check out the image to be linked to the official website)! We got ours last March 2010, and it’s all worth it! 🙂 Voila! In 5 minutes we’re seated! 
    • Hmmm..makes me think!…maybe I might soon write a spin off to my preference of getting membership/loyalty cards! This is me shopping and buying smart! And I do have a lot!♥
  • Excellent Service! –friendlier crew than the usual Angeles City’s service! 
  • Yup, we expect them to sing on your birthday, but another treat is that they dance too…:-)

I say…I guess we (Filipinos) do love to dance! :-)…on a Sunday Family Day Dinner at TGIFridays Marquee Mall, Angeles City Branch…while waiting for our food, the song played, and most of the servers and I guess the supervisor/manager also joined the dance. :-)…Cheers to another bunch of talented, multi-tasking crews of TGIFriday’s! 🙂

There’s definitely more reasons to  ♥ more Friday’s! 🙂


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