♥Laker’s School Party for Chase’s 5th Big Day♥

September 23, 2010– was truly a day filled of  l♥ve, blessings and pure happiness! It’s Chase’s 5th Birthday! Hurray! 🙂

Lakers Basketball Theme Cake 

For Chase’s 5th birthday, we decided to make it a school party along with his 25 schoolmates plus 3 of his friends (Gabe, Enzo & Paulo)! It didn’t stop us for making a theme party, we lovingly made it into a Lakers Party! ♥


  • Invitations – DIY (Do it Yourself) custom invites! Using my secret weapon (haha…powerpoint), I came up with a .jpeg file and had 30 3R copies printed from the photo stores. I gave them out four days in advance prior to the game day! 🙂
NBA Kids/Lakers Birthday Invitation
  • Balloons – I made 30 pieces animal twists balloons and balloons on a sticks…I used Qualatex so I could do them the night before and made sure that they will still look bright & shiny! 🙂
Balloon Bouquet with Animal Twists in Lakers Colors plus Blue 🙂
  • Loot Bags/Souvenirs – I got candies from the duty free stores in Clark & after a thorough search of the store, I finally found a NBA Activity Workbook for the boys and a Fairy Workbook for my cheerleaders! 🙂 
    • I wrapped them in a clear plastic bought from the local plastic suppliers in the market. I specifically looked for a premium class to make sure it doesn’t easily crumpled and would not easily tear. 
    • For finishing touches, I used ribbons (Lakers Colors) and then placed a personalized bag tags. The Bag Tags  were wallet size printed copies from the photo stores. I also placed them in an ID plastic holder (Php 4 or 10 cents).
Lakers/Basketball Theme Loot Bags – NBA/Fairy Book, Candies, Lighted Basketball Pen , Whistle
Personalized Bag Tags for the NBA/Lakers Loot Bags
  • Theme Cake – from the bakeshop, I looked through the available designs, but since none are Lakers’ inspired, I had to do a design/prototype from MS powerpoint, then I gave it to them for reference. It’s a 12 in X 12in cake with 3D ball made by Toll House located along Sto. Rosario St., Angeles City. 
    • The ball is actually a real chocolate cake! We haven’t finished it yet! 🙂 It’s Lakers’ inspired cake, unfortunately I hadn’t had the time to look for a actual miniature basketball ring to go with it. (Awww! I missed Cakes by Arlene in Manila…I’m sure this will just be a walk in the park for her!) 
    • They used butter icing and the chocolate cake actually improved! The chocolatey color and the taste is more evident vs. my nephew’s Buzz Lightyear Cake. It’s actually worth the  the price of Php 1450 (30$). Again, this is me being more practical! 🙂
Lakers’ Inspired Cake with 3D Ball

Basketball Cake in Lakers Colors
A happy ending to a week-long of planning & preparation !♥♥♥ Sharing with you a a fun-filled day of fun & laughters …

Preschoolville Play Area turned into a Party Placee 🙂

The party was planned at 11am just in time for their snack time. Fortunately, they had a group activity at the main room so the tables and chairs were available for set-up.

Useful Reminders:

Preparing for 25 plus kids is not easy…and given the limited party time, we wanted to make sure that the kids can actually enjoy some other things we prepared for them, like the Chocolate & the Beverage Fountain .

  • Important to ask permission from the teachers/school admin…like if you wish to invite other guests, which I did! 🙂 Since we will not hold any party for Chase other than the school party, I decided to invite few of our friends and some of Chase’s friends as well. 
  • Prepare Lunch Box Food with individually wrapped cutlery sets  — all home cooked, prepared with ♥ & certified Kids’ Approved! 🙂 …Spaghetti, Cheesdog, Chicken Nuggets
  • To have that party set-up effect, we brought tables (and covers) for the Adults Buffet Table and another one for the Cake & Give-aways (just to make kid’s feel the school party spirit!)
  • Since, I have invited Adult guests…I prepared a simple meal too. Also, I brought along throw-away items (plates, glass, cutlery sets) 🙂 
    • Spaghetti
    • Chicken Wings
    • Sicilian/Vegetable Salad — Ceasar Salad with a twist of Mangoes & Grapes
    • Pizza Hut Pizza
  • Prepare for delays & hassles! :-)…I was dropped off at 10:15am, to set-up the Food Table, Cake Table, Utensils/Plates area (from the school play table) & Gifts Table (also from the school) & then do add some birthday banners and balloons! But the food only arrived 11:15am! 
    • The school staff helped set-up the kids’ dining area –according to class/level plus requested extra two chairs for additional kids’ guests
    • I borrowed two tables from the school for the Chocolate and Beverage Fountain just to make it more accessible to the kids. 🙂
    • We did not really made the 11am call time for food, so while waiting for the food to arrive from home, armed with games prizes ( mini gum balls and candies)…I requested the teachers to host simple games…they did! 
      • Longest Happy Birthday
      • Question & Answer or Guessing Game hosted by Chase 
Chase with his Bowl of Candies for Game Prizes

Buffet Table for Adult Guests and Cake/Give-aways Area with my DIY Balloon Decors

at 11am, while waiting for the food, the kids played games hosted by Teacher Rej

Our very own Chocolate Fountain made with melted Truffles! Yum! 🙂

Kids having fun at getting their own drinks from the Beverage Fountain

Chase with the Prep (Kinder 2) Cheerleaders! 🙂

Chase with his guests & friends not from his school 🙂

Chase with the Preschoolville Teachers 🙂

Thank You Everyone for being a part of this happy & memorable day ! 🙂

Another well-♥ birthday moment…Opening of Gifts Time! 🙂

Chase with his presents from his friends & his new favorite toy from his Grandpa Tats & Grandma Nans–Ultimate NERF! 🙂

For more School Birthday Party Tips, please check out Gabe’s School Party.

Plan your own. Get yours now at Amazon. ♥♥♥


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