My K-Addiction: Korean Drama Fever! Hallyu!♥

Thank goodness, I survived! I had been very sick for the past 2 days, it was like a major attack of some viral infection. I woke up Monday morning with lethargy to the highest level as an understatement. I can’t literally get myself out of the bed, I wasn’t even able to bring my son to school, I had to ask my sister to do that. My fever went as high as 40C and the calm before the storm, the chilling, was really too much to take. It went on until yesterday. I was prescribed antibiotics and keep popping pain/fever reducers. The last time I felt this bad was way back 2005, when I gave birth to my son. So I couldn’t really believe that this could happen! But then, I guess it’s probably a disaster waiting to happen because sad to say I’ve been, for the past years, on a sedentary lifestyle.

So what triggered it? My guess was I tried taking Chinese slimming coffee (leisure 18) as another desperate move to lose weight.The effect of it was to have little or even zero appetite, but as expected I still got some palpitations attack at night time. Believe me when I say that this brand is supposedly the mildest in terms of palpitations, thirst, sweating etc., so I actually ended up crossing my 3-day thresh hold with Chinese diet pills/coffee. Silly me! Came Monday, I felt like crying!

In those days of being under the influence of diet pills, and in those restless nights, I ended up watching again one of my most ♥ Korean Drama, “You’re Beautiful”! I ended up staying up Saturday night until 6am of Sunday. With a 2 hour sleep (6am-9am), I ended up reading recapped episodes of it most of Sunday.And then another midnight screening continuation Monday. I watched these series months ago online even before it started showing here.But I just can’t seem to can’t get enough of it! ♥ the story and ♥ the OST! So I guess, my addiction to it got me the best of it –literally Korean Drama Fever!

To fuel my Korean Culture Addiction (Hallyu♥) amidst my homemaking’s (wife & mom) career, I need to get a hold of myself! (LoL) 🙂 My take on this is that I need to start living healthy! No erratic yo-yo diets! No popping Chinese diet pills & slimming coffee! Get Moving! Stay in ♥! 🙂 Cheers!

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