♥Preschoolville–where remarkable passion for learning begins… ♥

Chase finished his Pre-Kindergarten  last June 15 at Noblesse International School (NIS). His Kindergarten  will resume this August 16. Just to keep him busy & better prepared we enrolled him to one of the newest, yet personally I think the smartest choice, school in the area –PRESCHOOLVILLE. They just opened last May for Summer, and this is their first school year. It operates under the care of four brilliant teachers (just ♥ them!). Their credentials include a solid & proven track record of teaching in another great school in the area, jump starting the Preschool Department in NIS (which Chase had fond memories to speak of), and just basically having the skills & educational training to inspire learning to the kids. We ♥ how Chase is doing in school and how Chase enjoys being in school, that we decided to let him stay here for the entire school year. 🙂

Welcome to Preschoolville!

Pictures will not do justice on how truly encouraging learning is in the creative set-up of their homey location.  See how they creatively & magically transformed this standard 4BR house into a well-equipped learning facility for the little ones! But more than the look & the facility, it’s with conversing with the teachers that will tell you how caring they are with their students.  No Worries Mommy! 
Preschoolville Learning Center

Chase with them at  NIS Holloween Party!
Now: Meet the Teachers of Preschoolville –Fairy T Tin, Scare Crow T Joy, Witchy T Dianne, Gypsy T Rej

Chase is also familiar to most of his school mates since most also came from NIS, he has with him instant friends plus a whole lot more! 🙂 One thing I ♥ also is with the tuition fees are the books, school supplies & art supplies. No school bag to bring, only a snack pack! 🙂 …or sometimes, snack time are made more fun with birthdays!

Chase, being the picky eater that he is! Oh well!

Every now and then Chase gets to bring home with him, for keeping, reading handouts, which I read along with him. In barely 2 months of being with them, we already got quite a handful, which tells me that a month and a half of learning is really that exciting.

At home learning materials from the Preschoolville
Part of their learning system is having monthly themes! And so far, they’re all fun & exciting for Chase. Last July, it’s about family, for August it’s related to something about Health & Safety. Next thing I know, Chase was telling me about taste buds, skin & nerves. Amazing! 🙂 Today, he was just talking about a real soldier he met, & tomorrow, he will be visiting a fire station and meet firemen! Cool!  I do plan to tell you more about Chase’s exciting school adventure… Coming will be with his school ID & in school uniform, which I will just get since we just recently decided to keep him here. 
Mom & Dad, no worries, it’s not all play here, you will have a gauge on how he is doing in school through these stickers that he bring home everyday. And the teachers mean business!:)  Did Chase listen to his teacher! Did he finish his work? I’ll definitely know for sure.
Good Job’s, Way to Go’s, Nice Efforts & I see stars coming in soon!
For us, Preschoolville is where remarkable passion for learning begins…There are definitely more to it than meets the eye!
See for yourself. Schedule a visit! Chase wants to meet some more new friends! Cheers! ♥♥♥ 


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