Stage Mommy at Work :-)

Hello! It’s good to be back writing again! 🙂 I’ve been lately at lost for words (again) for the past days– in between the three new novels I’ve got (& finished reading)  & my regular Facebook reading/updating. I wanted to share with you this yet another adventure with my son, Chase. His picture is displayed on one of the digital billboards along Edsa in Metro Manila. Edsa, if not the major, is one of the busiest road in the Philippines. ♥ it! 

Picture taken by my cousin on our way to see snow going to Reno
He will be among the other kids to be featured in the Digital Billboards of Nido 3+. His slot started yesterday (Aug 4) until Aug 6. It was started as a company campaign wherein at first only employees of Nestle were asked to submit their little ones’ pictures by visiting a FB application, Proud to See the Difference, then write a “notable” difference on them. 🙂 This actually took some time because, I was supposed to receive a notification from them to acknowledge it, but never got it until the program was actually opened to the public. Finally, it made it! ♥ it! It’s on two spots –SM North Edsa (northbound EDSA) & along Boni Ave. (southbound EDSA)…will update this post once I get the chance to see the actual billboard! I do hope I get to document it, if I’ll be ever allowed to wait along EDSA@ 🙂

Hurray to my friends in FB. Well…all of them are proud Moms/Dads, Godparents, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles! I received an overwhelming 22 Likes, & 12 comments & counting!

Cheers to our little ones! …who made everything how little/big worth celebrating & posting on our Blog Sites & of course, FB! 🙂


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