Do It Yourself (DIY) Party Ideas

I mentioned in my recent Children’s Party Ideas post that me & my sister attended Basic Balloon Art Decorations. Eventually, I decided to register a business name under Curling Ribbons. But I haven’t really have the heart to start it up or to set it up formally since the market where we live has limited opportunities for this. Maybe soon…but we did enjoy this by giving balloons as gifts to our friends and family.

So we do ♥ to party!

My Party Supplies Must Have’s

  •  Beverage Fountain – a more creative and attractive way of serving Drinks for the party. This can also be use as a buffet table centerpiece. It is usually lighted. And kids would truly enjoy getting their own drink. You can use Kraft Kool-Aid Strawberry or Cherry Flavor. Or you can even match the color of your drink to your theme like with Halloween Theme, you can go for Orange Juice. 
Get yours now at Amazon. 

Sephra Chocolate Fountain – for the sweet tooth in all of us! Chase ♥ it! We had ours as a gift from our Aunt. On my son’s 1st birthday, we got a supplier for the event, we paid Php 4000 ($85). But you can get your own unit for as low as Php4500 ($100), and you can enjoy it whenever you feel like. If you have your own, you will spend at most Php1500 (30$) per event for your choice of dipping.
    Feb 2011: My very first rental set-up of Fondue/Chocolate Fountain 
    • Dipping Suggestions: Marshmallows on a Stick, wafers, mini-cupcakes, mini-breads, Chocolate Sticks, and Fruits in season (pineapple, melons, grapes, strawberries, banana slices, etc.) 
  • Bubble Machines – ours are a pair of Gazillion Bubble Ultimate Bubble Typhoon. They can be used on outdoor parties or if you have a Hawaiian Theme. They can also be use for everyday playtime. 
    Basic Centerpiece
  • DIY Balloon Decorations – What is a party without balloons? Balloons are the  of the Party! If you have the time, & did enough planning, you can actually save a lot by doing your own balloon decorations than having them made by professionals. Practice makes perfect….so expect a lot of bursting before you get the hang of it. But you can minimize them by using quality balloons. I now vow to use Qualatex Balloons! Even though, they are more pricey than your usual balloons available on toy stores and other party supplies, they are definitely worth it! It saves you time and effort! They stay nicer  even if you do them the night before the actual party as long as you keep them in cool,dark area of the house. 
    • To make a Centerpiece, you will need the following:
      • 1 Mother Balloon
      • 2 pcs 5″ Balloons
      • 2 pcs. 260Q or Long Balloons for a Twist & Character depending on the event (e.g. flower, animal twist for kid’s party)
      • Clay Flower Pot (for added weight)
      • Glue
      • 2 Colors of Japanese Paper
      • Ribbons/Curling Ribbons
      • Balloon Stick & Cups
  • Find the Best Cake Deal
    • The Birthday Cake is the ♥ of the party! 🙂 The blowing of the cake is a well-♥ and most anticipated moments of the birthday celebrant! So give it your best shot, look for the best deal!
    • Newly Added February 14, 2011: Michael Jordan Basketball Party with Cupcakes with Toppers
      • Consider the design and the value that will best suit your budget.– we particularly loved Cakes by Arlene. Please see shop details in my Disney Cars Theme Party .
Recently Added Nov. 2010: Sample All-Star Party
Chase’s Bob the Builder Cake

Gabe & Chase with Bob the Builder, Nemo, Elmo, Thomas & McQueen
All-Star Casts Cake — Bob the Builder, Elmo, Nemo, Thomas & McQueen
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Invitations, Name Tags, Thank You Cards etc. – Over the past birthdays we’ve done, a good portion of the budget went on the invitations by having them done by professional artist and printers. It was probably worth it on the 1st,7th & 18th/21st, when it was said that these are the major milestones on birthday celebrations. But for the other time, especially working on a budget, you can actually get a customized invitations by doing it yourself. Below is a sample I did for my son’s 4th Halloween Birthday Party.
Chase’s 4th Birthday Custom Prints DIY
    • I’m not really that familiar with the graphic designs etc. programs, so I prefer to use the Microsoft PowerPoint to do them. The MS PowerPoint Program is very easy to use. You can add, drop, & drop objects anywhere on the page. When happy with the final product  (please make sure no more changes or corrections), you can save the file as JPEG. Choose Save As .JPEG & choose all slides. Have them printed on Photo Paper as regular pictures. You can choose sizes 3R,4R or 5R. I personally recommend 3R to get the best quality for print out since the .JPEG copy from the PowerPoint is not that really high resolution. 
    • For the Name Tags & Thank You Cards, I use Wallet Size prints. 
    • Envelopes to go with the invites are available at the bookstores or school supplies stores. 

Cheers to Being a Chic & Sassy Mom! 

Get yours now at Amazon. 


  1. I would love to have a clas like that around here. Don't be intimidated. start small. advertise on craigslist. Let all your facebook friends know what your doing. Maybe even do it for free for your friends and just charge them for supplies. hand out business cards from Vistaprint and get the word out. Follwoing you from MBC. check me out at babysittinmama.blogspot.com


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