Random Things

Oh well! I just realized that I’ll have a harder time telling Chase than my hubby that I’ll be going our for a Friday Night Out bonding with friends. It will even appear that I’m asking permission from my soon to be 5 year old son. Interesting…β™₯ it!

Here is my list of amazing finds, rediscoveries and realizations…

  • Β ROYGBIV stands for the color of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and last one’s Violet…I can’t seem to remember what is Indigo, my son went home from school telling me that Indigo is Blue Violet, so I googled Indigo just to be sure… Indigo is Blue Violet indeed!
  • Don’t bother buying Nestea from the duty free, we got the best one here in the Philippines…the Litro Pack worth around Php 12 is the winning formula for a great tasting Iced Tea.It even won an innovation award in Switzerland! Enjoy it more with the Nestea Liter Shaker!
  • You can really Google Everything, no matter how verbatim it appears to be…it’s best though to start your search with How.
  • Using Kraft Tang Pineapple Litro (liter) Pack worth around Php 8 offers the same taste and experience in cooking and in marinating meat/chicken dishes as the Delmonte Canned Pineapple at half the cost. Try it in your Barbecue Marinade, Pork Humba, and Chicken Pineapple Dish!

  • New Bed Rule for Chase! Bed time should start earlier than 9pm. It takes more than 8 hours to give him his daily dose of sleep, and so I learned from recent studies… http://www.galtime.com/index.php/web/1067-bedtimerules
  • When shopping at Bath & Body Works in the US, make sure you don’t buy bulk! Cut your purchases into at least $30 first, then schedule your next visit…why? Because they give out free gift, discount coupons every after purchase, (at least that’s my experience for the 3 visits I had in less than a month’s time)! Like a $10off card for every $30 purchase, a Buy1, Get 1 the same item, a free item etc…Feel Good! Smell Good! Happy Shopping! Β Β 

More sweet finds to come…

Β β™₯β™₯β™₯

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