Totally Awesome Toy Story 3! E! Review: Toy Story 3 Is Terrific—What Did You Expect?

I had a movie date with Chase last week. He was actually rushing me to get ready and to watch Toy Story 3. I got an advice though from my sister that the 3D effect was not worth it…so I made Chase a deal that we will not watch it in 3D, I will just get him a toy right after. He agreed! 🙂 So with Chef Tony’s White Cheddar Popcorn, we cherished the movie! Chase was laughing so hard on the funny parts especially when Buzz started speaking Spanish! On the sad parts especially on the last part, I was trying to control my sobbing…hahaha.:-) I kept blowing my nose. Chase just told me that he was happy on the other parts, and was sad as well on the sad parts. Well, I guess, it really got the best of the cry baby in me! 🙂

Beside the fun in the movie, how
the moral lessons of the story are conveyed is also very effective to every kid. Friendship and Caring. I’m so happy to having enjoyed this movie with Chase! 🙂

Below is a link from E!Online Movie Review of Toy Story 3. It’s precious because they really have high criteria on rating a movie and the movie is ratedan A. 🙂

Review: iToy Story 3/i Is Terrific—What Did You Expect?

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