Celebrating the First Birthday –Justice League Theme

Birthday is a special time to celebrate one’s existence and acknowledge God’s gift of  life to us. As a Catholic, our birthday celebration starts first by going to the church as sign of thanksgiving. We also light a candle to symbolize this another milestone. And then we party!
So for Chase’s big first, we tried to really go out of our way to make it special.

JD Chase’s 1st Birthday with daddy JB & Mommy Des

Getting Started and Planning the Party

The most important part is that me and JB, my hubby, to agree on how much we are willing to spend. Since that time, I was still employed, I just got him to pay for the food expense/caterer, about P20,000. While I  take care of the rest. Overall, I spent way more than P20,000 on other items, but it was worth it! 🙂

Justice League Superhero Theme Party 

Theme parties are actually more challenging to plan out because I really wanted to be true to the theme. I made sure that everything relates to it from the balloon decorations, favors, souvenirs, give-aways, game prizes and even the children’s plates, cups and cutlery sets. Four years ago (Yr 2006), the theme was a challenge, because it was really hard to find Justice League goodies even in Divisoria, because of the strict enforcement of copyright logos. Unlike now that Jollibee featured it as one of their party themes.

So we had to settle for the colors for our bags (which were a gift from Custom Bag).  The ones with the Logos, like the Hamper, I had them made from Jelly Bellies, which were sort of expensive. Jelly Bellies then was my favorite Party Planner in Manila. They can really customized everything from the invitations to give-aways.

But the cost of it I realized was not so practical.Since this was my first party, I sort of paid tuition fees for getting professional services to my party hosting, custom invites and souvenirs. As I planned Chase’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Birthday Party, I learned more and more to be creative, and more practical to really get value for money. I will talk about them on separate posts.

Party Details 

  • Venue & Food: ANA’S PAVILION, Amando’s Resort, Villa Dolores, Angeles City
    • The owner of the place was a family friend, so we got a good deal on the rates of the food. Advantage of getting a venue with the food is you get to save on rental of the tables & Chairs, dinner wares, and the party set-up. 
    • The place was air conditioned.4 years ago,we can say that it the place was still well-kept, but will check on it today and keep you posted soon.
    • Other advantages of this place for us, was it was very near our place and they were not strict on bringing in outside food. We were able to bring Lechon, Chocolate Fountain, Sisig, and some other dishes without charging us “Corkage” Fees. We had 150 persons reservations for foods and party set-up, but they extend it for 10% (15 persons) as extra. But we had more guests than that, the extra dishes we brought was to cover for the extra. As I said, the reason they did not really charge as additional fees for the extra plates and table set ups was because the owner were really our family friends. So for other venues, one really needs to clarify these things and to get definite agreement on rates for anything more than the agreed contract. 
  • Balloon Arrangements c/o Me & my sister
    • During my son’s christening, I actually got balloon arrangement package from one of the party suppliers in Angeles City. It was around P4000. The arch was c/o my uncle. So when there was an opportunity, we attended a Basic Balloon Arrangement Training with a reasonable fee. So for my son’s 1st Birthday, my nephew’s christening and 1st birthday, and the succeeding parties, we did our own balloon arrangement. I actually planned to have a business on that, I named it CURLING RIBBONS. I hope to share more of our balloon arrangements on succeeding posts. It was not an easy task though, but fun and rewarding. 
  • Party Host: Clownderia
    • We love their services (hosting rate was reasonable). The games were appropriate, and the mode of communication is in  English. They were also helpful in arranging some of the other items like the give-aways, prizes etc. They also took care of the registration. And they also made the distribution of give aways in a very organize manner.
    • Update: March 8, 2011…it took a while for me to get hold of new Clownderia’s Contact Number… please contact Ms. Dang at 09228825696. 😀
  •  Party Cake: Breads o Cakes
    • Most of our Party Cakes in Angeles City were from Breads o Cakes along Sto. Rosario St. Well, the prize initially was very affordable and practical, at least on a 1st birthday, but not anymore… A 3 layered-character cake would cost around P2K to P3K now. I recommend getting just the character round cake worth around P1,500 then just add cup cakes with sugar icing. Either do it your self or buy from Toll House. 
  • Other Kiddie Booths…I made coupons for all the booths and distributed it to the kids, just to manage distribution and to make sure that every kids get their fair share of fun 🙂
    • Our very own candy station – collection of imported candies and a loot bag, just to let the kids enjoy a feeling of shopping.
    • Pizza Hut Station – I took advantage of the Pizza Card! Buy 1, Get 1 something…I talked to Pizza Hut by ordering a number of Pizza, and getting the corresponding freebies. I also negotiated for a server to be available on the party. 
    • Pop Corn Station c/o Holy Kettle Corn – with around 60 pieces of the small packs, I negotiated that a server would also be available. 
    • Balloon Station – Our very own! 🙂 …with the recent training we had, I taught Chase’s Ate (Nanny) to make character balloons, also got help from friends. One kid, gets one balloon! 🙂 
    • Chocolate Fondue/Fountain – that time, I had to bundle it with Clownderia’s sevices, it came with a server for a cost. But now, I have our very own! 🙂

    Our Superhero Guests
    •  Special Prizes – aside from the usual Bring Me games, I included these additional prizes.
      • Early Bird
      • Youngest Guest
      • Wisest/Oldest Guest 
      • The Guest who came from the farthest place – to recognize the effort of our guest who really went out of their way to make the party

    It was months in the making! We got helped from a lot of friends especially from our relatives from the US who sent most of the goodies, party plates etc., party hats, balloons. Numerous visit from the mall, divisoria, duty free etc. Overall, it was an affair to remember…haha 🙂 for the parents especially for me since Chase can only look at his pictures and kept on insisting to have parties some more. So, we took time to plan on Chase’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birthday party. Cheers to Celebrating the Gift of Life! 🙂


    1. @MommaFinally: Thank you for dropping by. Your son is adorable. 🙂 Do you already have a theme in mind? Hmmm, I don't have a documented party cheek list yet. But I'll make one asap. Do pm for anything.:)


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