Dealing with Cradle Cap or Seborrheic Dermatitis

When Chase was 3 month old he got a bad episode of Seborrheic Dermatitis. It started out like few break out rashes on his face on his first month, so we visited a pediatrician within the area, he prescribed a anti-allergy medication. Even after we finished the medication period, it did not clear up. He got rashes in his face and would eventually end up like scabs, and when they peel/heal, they would leave a white-like mark. On his head, he had like the worst case of dandruff. So we decided to take a drive to his Pediatrician in Manila, only to be told that it was Seborrheic Dermatitis or “Cradle Cap”. We can only wait it out until they clear up, or clean it with baby oil.Ā 

I tried the old-school coconut oil, but it left him smelling like well not a baby, it was also greasy, which made it more uncomfortable. So I tried using Olive Oil, I’m like giving my son a daily hot oil treatment using cotton swabs and olive oil. I tried it for 2 weeks, it was clearing up. By the way, I don’t recommend the Avent Calming Massage Oil, in between my Olive Oil treatment, I tried using it for few days, but it seem the rashes were not clearing up. It was also very costly. The massage oil ended up being unused until it reached its expiration date.Ā  When the dermatitis episode ended, just in time for Chase’s Christening about his 3rd month, it left him losing his hair and having white scars in his face. And then I discovered Aveeno Baby it in duty free, we started applying this to his face and using it as his lotion, scars cleared up. We even used this in lieu of diaper rash ointment, true enough it really did prevent or stopped rashes.Ā 

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